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Promote surfergirls!!!

 Thats my favorite


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how do i get it on me page?
i wonder if any of those models can really surf.
ummm... my cousin heidi who is in one of them is a very decent surfer... she's the little, blonde girl who probably is like only 5 foot even! (she's in the last pic in the hula
OMG she is your cousin. She is soo awsome. And cutee. She is one of my favorites
hehe.. i'll tell her!
nice so they are actual surfers, i guess i'm not used to seeinf really skinny surfer girls, all of us out here have the meat packed on not the gross flabby meat but the keala meat, lol my arms are insanley big in the summer its almost gross haha
oh.. heidi isn't all that scrawny... shes short and stocky... most surfer girls are... she's actually shorter than i am... granted, i do bet most of those girls aren't surfers.. but i do know heidi is... the other girls, i'm not so sure of...
wow maybe they use a slimming camera lense lol, she looks skinny in that picture. shes really pretty tho and i do enjoy her skirt.
no, she's thin... definiltey very thin... but i'm saying she's not model skinny.. she's very muscular and tight... she's built like an athlete... most surfers are built like athletes... just like other athletes... it's not that we're necessarily scrawny or fat.. we're stocky yet lean... har dto explain.. but if you look at rochelle ballard's body... that's an athlete's body... and i would say i'm more athletic.. i wouldn't charaterize myself as skinny... nor would heidi or most surfer girls... (well... maybe my friend shannon is a little on the scrawny side.. and maybe my sister too...) lol...
one thing that i definitally hate about winter here is that i lose all of my summer toneage lol, and then i start to get annoyed at my winter chub hahaha! someday i'll have summer tone all year long whoop