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Im New

~~~~Pretty Simple~~~~~~

About You
1. Name- Kirstie
2. Location- Coventry, England
3. Age- 17

All about Surfing
1. What type of surfboard do you use- Al Merrick
2. How long have you been surfing- 3 Years
3. What made you start surfing- I watched a documentary on Lisa Anderson. She inspired me.
4. Do you surf in the winter- Yes If im in the states. It's too cold in the UK to surf in the winter!
5. Where did you catch your 1st wave- Cornwall
6. Where is your favorite spot to surf- Mundaka

Band- Rooster
Song- Hawaii - Surfers
Color- Red
Brand- Roxy
Beach- Cocoa
Store- Pacsun/ Quiksilver Boardriders - I can't choose!

Do you like rap- Sometimes. Depends as I don't like the shouting type! I like the kind you can dance to!
Do you like Simple Plan- Yeah, I like some of their songs.
DO you like Sum41- Their earlier stuff was the best
Do you like PacSun- Love it!
What could you not live with out- the beach
What could you do without- Bitchy comments
Why should you be in this community- Because I'd love to share my surfing experiences with you guys and have fun with the whole surf topic!

Thanks for considering me!

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